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So I just wanna say .. SCREW YOU MANAGEMENT . Niall James Horan is an amazing singer . SIMON SAID SO … DID YOU HEAR THAT . SIMONNNNNNNNN ! He i slaw ays getting loads of hate from fans and now you guys ? Wtf . Alright , Directioners … ASSEMBLE .

Larry Stylinson smut.: I just want to say something.


I seriously don’t get what’s wrong with management.

Don’t they see that Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn don’t accept it that they want Niall to stop singing?
Don’t they see that Niall’s hiding what he really thinks of all this?
Don’t they see that all us Directioners are sad and that we have to cry…

One Direction management … go screw yourself . Niall Horan is just as amazing as any of them . With did Niall ever do to deserve this ? I’m honestly tired of dealing with all of this hate on Niall . 

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